What is the most simplified version of the disability SSI SSDI program elements?

  1. Be making less than substantial gainful activity per month (2017 = $1,170).
    1. But, if you are earning close to SGA, the adjudicator will likely find you not disabled.
  2. Have a severe disability that lasts 12 months, will last 12 months, or is terminal.
    1. Be able to prove when your disability started, and that it will still be there in a year.
  3. Meet, equal, or exceed a predefined list disability. If you don’t, lets see if you can work.
    1. Ask your attorney which listings apply to you, and what elements you need to meet.
  4. Can you do the work you did within the past 15 years?
    1. Go through the jobs you had, and compare them against the DOT book.
  5. Can you do other jobs in the national economy?
    1. Remember, any job in the national economy is fair game to find you not disabled.

This is a two-option system.  Prove you have medical equivalency to their severe disability listings, or show how you can’t work and earn the SGA amount per month.  Either will do.